Pittsburgh Vibes

I'm not sure what it is, but Vibes in the Burgh, are always on 100. That opening sentence was probably too vague, but excuse my lack of articulation, as the feeling is hard to explain. And because it is indeed a feeling, I rather let the images below, speak to it. 

What I love most about blue collar cities such as Pittsburgh, are the impact they can have on your perspective. At times we may find ourselves chasing possessions, but when you connect with people who are happy and super-creative with less, due to their resourcefulness. It kind of sobers you up, and forces you to appreciate what you already have. 

All Photography by: Keep Pittsburgh Dope

Polo: J.Crew, Chinos: Unis New York, Sneakers: Tretorn Nylite


Culture: The Rise of the Barista and the Power Kettle - V60

Going from an individual who utterly despised coffee, to a fully converted coffee enthusiast, has been even a shock to me.  I think it has something to with our generations' obsession with coffee shops, and soon to be legal, pot shops.

Or maybe its the constant flow of information at our fingertips that won't allows us to unplug, therefore a healthy stimulant like coffee seems like smart decision. Well, whatever it is, I'm with it.

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Inspiration: Coltrane Curtis

As we grow older, it's funny how certain things begin to matter more and more, like - having a family, being more responsible with one's finances, living in a decent apartment, and the list grows with every passing year.

In this inspirational piece, I decided to highlight the founder and managing partner of Team Epiphany, Coltrane Curtis, a man who's grown a small agency to a now - highly influential agency with global clients. As  Working in the advertising world, brings about a slew of challenges, one that has been a constant conversation starter is: diversity

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Travel With Style, No Matter Where You Go

Witnessing J.Crew shift from just another preppy brand with no point of view, to a brand that now has a identity, and is somewhat culturally significant outside of their target audience, has been enjoyable.

What I find even more enjoyable is how J.Crew, continues to show the proper way to market items.  Yes, The Traveler Suit is the primary focus of this short film,  however you keep watching because it doesn't come across sellsy, there's a distinct narrative throughout which explains why The Traveler Suit is important, and different from other suits, without actually saying it. Anyway enough reading, check it out below:

Inspiration: Troy Carter - Life after Lady Gaga

I became aware of the man that is Troy Carter, a few years ago, after reading about his innovative thinking around the phenomenon which is: Lady Gaga.  Completely unaware of his ups and downs, I marveled at his ability to turn a unknown singer by the name of Stefani Germanotta, into a global pop icon.

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Grooming Essentials: Jack Black's Face Buff

These past few days were downright artic cold. Which I'm pretty sure you're aware is deadly on the skin, as it eliminates the vital moisture and nutrients that keep your skin looking- well moisturized.

Time for a little nugget, you can pile tons of moisturizer on your face, but if you're not scrubbing away the dead skins cells on the regular. All that expensive (or inexpensive) moisturizer is pretty much sitting on the surface, not penetrating much of anything.

However, here's the solution...

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Movie Style: Nelson Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom

Right before the ball dropped, and we began another year. I trekked to the SoHo section of Lower Manhattan, with my date of course, to see Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom.

As I expected, the biopic lived up to the hype. Highlighting each phase of Mandela's life; his earlier years of marriage, his rise as a key player within South Africa's Revolution, and his later years as a President, trying to rebuild a broken society.

Throughout the movie, I couldn't help but notice..

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What He Wore Today featuring: John Wellington

For the fourth installment of “What He Wore Today," I sat down with the founder of the Grey Market Shop, an online clothing destination that prides itself on selling vintage goods, while providing inspiration to its daily visitors (think Karmaloop.com, but with substance). Get to know him...

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Tote Something: The Good Flock and Everlane - Tote Bag

After a crazy debate with a few of my women friends, and utter denial from the homies.  I'm making a case for the Tote bag, for some odd reason, this bagged has been reserved for females.  But truth be told, I carry a lot of stuff to work.  And wearing a backpack to work every day, seems juvenile.

So here are two options that are manly, with a clean finish, for all you skeptical guys out there:

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Menswear Essentials: Duffle Bag Boy

"Go and get your money little duffle bag boy,"

said Lil' Wayne, in 2007. It's funny, how nine words can ruin your perception or relationship with luggage items.  For years, I didn't understand the purpose of a duffle bag. For some odd reason within hip-hop culture, the duffle bag had become the go-to-item, for when you feel the need to stuff stacks of money into a traveling accessory. Here's my thoughts...

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